I have said this before, that before you make a statement. It is better to wait.
Now is the time for individuals who posted on social media about the case from Friday/Saturday in Omaha, correct their statements.
A crime was being committed and an individual protected themselves.
Comments/Questions/Concerns can be communicated directly to me. 402-516-4401 Vernon-J@Vernon-J.com

Account creation

I’m just over here breaking automatic account registration/creation protocols.

Everyone knows ValidEmail@Vernon-J.com is a valid e-mail.

Heck even my ex-girlfriend has an e-mail address ex-girlfriend@Vernon-J.com

One of the two e-mails in this post is ACTUALLY valid, I just couldn’t not create an account.

Thanks Metisha for fixing it, that’s good Customer Service.

17 Days Away

I’m with you on that chocolate guide, 2nd thing i throw away after r’s chocolates. Which happen to be 15% off right now. opening a delicious box of #RussellStover‘s chocolates

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The more you buy, the better the reward!!!

Hashtag of the day

#MoreTeeth for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom #FallenKingdom


Someone made their bed TWICE today. That means this week is going to be 14.28% more awesome. #ThatGuy #Rules.

That’s embarrassing

So we have the same belt, adjustable by the inch.

Yet one of our #pants is half way down our leg, the other at a respectable level.

Waist, waist of your pants.

They suppose to meet.

From adequateman.deadspin.com

I can even program it to brew coffee at the same time every morning, by setting an alarm clock and getting out of bed when the alarm clock goes off and then using the French press to brew some coffee.)



IF I was in the #nfl & the ref tried to call ‘blocking to the back against me’, I would decline that penalty. Block to the front, back, side, top or bottom. BLOCKER HAS ONE JOB. 

National Coffee Day

I know you like to tune into your FAVORITE morning news show @3NewsNowOmaha  with hosts like @EmilySzink . BUT today is #NationalCoffeeDay & you should be visiting your local store.  

SS Detail

.@ZanyCountryGeek  The @SecretService  is sworn to Protect @POTUS  & the first family at ALL COSTS!.

There was no restrictions on what they office holder could and couldn’t do.

Do we look at this in the future going forward?