402 in Scottsbluff? 

Read more about our statewide area code, number pooling, & NANP. 


Its 1500 on a Friday, you don’t have anything better to do. 

7 years & counting

Washington, D.C., Oregon, and Vermont latest states to request rate increases as high as 39.6% #ACA http://ow.ly/hiUL30bWjlB year after year huge increases. 

It just doesn’t work.

Your crime, your justice

“Each drug dealer, each mugger, each killer, and each felon with a gun had his own lawyer


he wrote his address on a paper napkin, slammed it down on the counter and said if the victim wanted to fight, that’s where she could find him.

Meet me outside, RIGHT HERE!
Anderson, you’re fired? 

.@Chi_Radio Fake Tattoo Problems. I think I know what would make you feel better. @xkatyperry album goes on sale #0609, if you bought me a ticket for the concert.

Whatever you want

A learned treatise, in the law of evidence, is a text that is sufficiently authoritative in its field to be admissible as evidence in a court in support of the contentions made therein.


According to his Facebook page, Jablecki works for a landscaping firm. In posts last year, Jablecki wrote about seeking “A bad bitch W/ mean head game” and “a Girl who is a SupaFreak+Funny+Down to Earth+spontaneous+Drama-Free+Sense of Humor+Easy to conversate with jus talk About Everything an Anything!” http://ow.ly/mdl030bEjeA

This guy is clearly a winner.

Apparently the world wants to know.

.@jodii1953 Well I voted for Trump, cause I had a choice to make. Donald Trump has had lots of success as a businessman. He will reduce government spending & cut taxes, reduce the federal interference in education.

Things taht matter to me:
Balanced Budget
Less Government Spending & Taxes
The Government Staying out of #VernonJ’s business (personal & professional)

Swimming in ’24

I may have jumped the gun (FALSE START) a little bit. The #2020Olympics will be in @toyko2020 , We don’t know where the #2024Olympics will be, but the Swim Trials, might as well be in Omaha again.

I’m officially bidding Omaha for the #SwimTrials24

Find a Tall Tree

So a reporter from Omaha World-Herald posted this:

‘Prosecutor Matt Wilber: convicted criminal showed no remorse in court said the man who had died was killed because he was an idiot’

So back in the day, we would find a tall tree or a loaded gun & take this convicted criminal out back & terminate the life of this individual.

BUT Iowa doesn’t have the death penalty.

Now Deputy Mark Burbridge of the Pottawatomie County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t get to go home today.

The death penalty isn’t always something to be used, but in this case. It may have saved Mark’s Life.