Her Money

You have to remember that Gal negotiated her contract (or her team did).She was okay with it. Why is someone who isn’t involved, not okay with it?

New OPS Board Member

Tracy Casady is the newest board member for @OmahaPubSchools. http://www.3newsnow.com/news/local-news/omaha-public-schools-appoints-new-board-member Tracy I hope you find the guidance that is best for our children.


“However, renewables are here to stay in the U.S. electricity grid, and we are not going to go back to producing 40 percent of U.S. electricity from coal.”



Hey @CBSNews White people pay for college too.

The college trap ensnaring women and minorities: As enrollment increases, tuition increases far outpace wage growth https://t.co/iaW9pKhmNy https://t.co/1I1uJYYNH7

They come for parking?

What a homerun. A PARKING GARAGE. #fancy

College World Series fans will get first taste of Capitol District with opening of parking garage | Money | http://ow.ly/9AMI30cxwND

I got jokes

Where’s my hot sausage & sexy peppers? #HotAndSexy.
You see what I did there?
Oh you don’t.
I made a joke about the sausage & peppers being hot & sexy.


It isn’t because of #London. @owhnews & Captain Kyle. https://twitter.com/OWHnews/status/872520754562203654

Your own story indicates these security measures have been used before.

I’ve seen them before.


.@TayZonday  I do love a good conversation about how murdering can/can’t be terrorism. 56 murders in a urban environment in a month, is pretty darn terrifying.

The mayor of Austin had the best response to this man’s sexist letter

I am writing to alert you that your email account has been hacked by an unfortunate and unusually hostile individual.

America, are you okay?

Watching @ErinBurnett  on @OutFrontCNN   & they are discussing #Covfefe. How it stayed up for so long & nobody is taking responsibility to remove or define it.

America, ARE YOU OKAY?