​Hey @CenterForwardUS, EVERYONE knows a current member of Congress like @RepBradAshford can’t vote to change their pay.  But that’s a fine commercial you got there. 

Tv commercial 

​Apparently if you use a smart phone. 


From a @LifeLock commercial. 

If you have an identity, you could be a victim.  From reality. 

My gentlemen ears 

​I have to chase my child all the ‘God damn’ time.  ~ a mom. 
But let someone else use that inappropriate language & you are in the wrong. 
There are Gentlemen present & we don’t want to hear that. 

Back in the Day. 

​Today on @FamilyFued the guy guessed the remote wouldn’t work without batteries. I personally remember as a kid, standing there changing the channel & volume. 
The remote works just fine without batteries  

Right Light

.@chrischappelear Like they would tell you before. That’s the version of crazy eyes, we all know it may be there. You see it in the right light.


You can’t fire them, they already quit. RT @AP: BREAKING: EU chief Tusk says bloc will meet without Britain at summit next week to assess its future.

No iPhone for me

Apple to Withhold GOP Convention Support Over Donald Trump Comments (Report) – SFGate http://ow.ly/yuCO301q1nn Well you see I was going to buy an #iPhone7, but I’m not now.

My US Senators

My Senator @SenatorFischer takes to the floor of the United States Senate | http://ow.ly/FBt2301nEu8 every American needs to take a stand against ISIL

No Internet

I’ve got internet, BECAUSE I didn’t (nor accused) of committing a crime.  RT @FoxNews: Oregon militia leader complains about no Internet in prison cell https://t.co/zbVoh75t38

Let me Get this Clear

What part isn’t taxpayer money? …

hotel room tax revenues, or about $50 million per year. Commissioners were told that would add a little more than $1 per night to the average tourist’s hotel room bill. Goldstein insisted it wasn’t taxpayer money. http://ow.ly/LmpT300G5Bk