Proud to Be American

.@twitsanon You went from sharing a meme, to me saying how good ALL of us (in America) got it to defending your actions, which probably means you feel bad about it.

I’m not defending Trump, I’m defending & celebrating the American Lifestyle.

She crazy? 

Angela might need the assistant of mental health  professionals. 
DA says woman arrested in sex fantasy hoax was really victim:

Always asking

.@MickiMaynard @realDonaldTrump Well that’s the basic legal federal requirement of a foundation. You might need to call John or your Congress members for more requirements. .

White Elephant 

​You know since I really do love celebrating the #Christmas season. What would a grownup (18+) want for a white elephant gift. Co-Worker. Ideas below in comments & replies


​.@Emberr 264. Someone (18-24) asked me around 1300 VST, who’s winning. I responded idk, but #America is losing. Is like to retract that statement. 

Missing commercials? 

​I thought this said commercials. 

@action3news: #DirecTV consumers missing some news channels during outage

Who would care about missing commercials? 

Hastings this weekend

If you would’ve asked me at 0338, what I was doing this #weekend, I would’ve said working in #Lincoln. Until you realize you’re ACTUALLY working in #Hastings


​Question about #parking. Does more/less that 90 degrees to the curb matter as long as the 4 wheels are within the pre-established boundaries of the spot? 

Listen carefully

​.@VICE @vicenews so he was asked to leave out be arrested for trespassing? He didn’t leave? #HeresYourSign
He was arrested for trespassing under the law.

Here’s your sign

Maybe news organizations should run some stories by the lawyers before posting. You agreed not to do it, any other questions? #HeresYourSign.